Public work

Here are some of the stages of creating the mosaic installed outside the Centre Wakefield La Pêche in Wakefield, Quebec in 2019. The project took three months for design and execution . It was installed the following summer.

In the Studio: early stages. Pieces of cut and broken ceramic and glass tiles are glued onto a fibregless mesh.

Stephanie noted at the time: Slowly slowly it’s getting there! And this is just one quarter of the final thing… But I’ve had so much help with tile donations and mosaic making helpers, and I’m optimistic well get it done in a couple of weeks… more to come…

The pattern continues to take shape.
All the pieces are assembled and in place, awaiting warmer weather for installation.
Stephanie: ” Here are four of the eight pieces placed on the cement bed so that we can mark their placement and make sure they still fit together. The little red bits on the yellow tiles are red tape labels indicating which piece goes where: a puzzle of sorts… “
Stephanie: ” Bruno hard at work using mortar to install the mosaic pieces onto the cement bed. My job was to hand him things… “
All the pieces are in place on the mortar.
Stephanie: “Grouting with mortar. We added blue pigment to the mortar to create the colour.”
Setting the grout.
finished piece.