Ink WOrks


Turkey Hen and Poults, pen and ink, 9″×12″.
Communing, pen and ink, 9″×12″
Nest, pen and ink, 9″×12″
Lilies, pen and ink, 9″×12″
Heron, pen and ink, 9″×12″
Northern Flicker, pen and ink 9″×12″
Deerheart, pen and ink 9″ X 12″
Clearing out the Brambles, pen and ink 9″X12″
“Red Tailed Hawk”, ink on paper, 9″X12″
Egret, ink on paper, 9″X12″ . From this August, for my dear friend Shannon.
Bee Queen, 2019, ink on paper, 9″ × 12″
A Boil of Osprey, 2019, ink on paper, 14″×17″

Things I've made, am making, or just thinking about making