Born in Cornwall Ontario. Stephanie graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design with a major in Fine Arts (drawing and painting). She spent her final year of studies at OCAD’s off campus program in Florence Italy where she was particularly influenced by the medieval and early renaissance artists.

Since the birth of her son De Danann in 2006, Stephanie has spent -at first- small increments of time painting. As her boy has gotten older she has found she has more and more time to devote to making colours bend to her well. NO! not really…. they absolutely have a mind of their own and she just follows them where they lead.

The watercolours started as an exercise in fast, spontaneous, intuitive creation, but over time have evolved into the painstaking layering of watercolour pencil, oil pastel, watercolours, wc pencil, oil pastel, wc pencils, etc etc…and Stephanie has resigned herself to these paintings wanting to take this form.

Stephanie lives in Wakefield with her husband Simon and their son. She works at her studio at Place des Artistes de Farrellton in Farrellton Quebec.

Stephanie Hill AOCA



Things I've made, am making, or just thinking about making